The Unsleep
Danilo Correale

Installation design: GISTO, Alessandro Mason

The Unsleep is a photographic tale at the edge of sci-fi and reality, partially adapted from the eponymous 1962 novel by Meir and Diane Gillion. From a portrayal of the telecommunications workers employed in the outsourced service industries, the project articulates the invisible domain of time-zones over geographical territories. The employees in this spaceless time often become characters in contemporary Indian and Filipino fictional literature, their lives dominated by artificial light and darkness, with long shifts in front of screens, performing tedious tasks and phone calls where regional accents are normalised to better suit customers located at the opposite end of the globe.

This is a world divided into several, often incoherent, representations — the economic one in which territories have ceased to bear significance, and the political / cultural one increasingly concerned with borders. The night, as well as the relationship of sleep and wakefulness — modes of production and consumption that define a new chrono-imperialistic domain — become the paradigmatic landscape of this new frontier.