Darkness, as a First Act of Creation
Ramon Amaro

Performances by Ramon Amaro, AmazonPrimeQueen (Victoria McKenzie), DeForrest Brown Jr., Jon Davies (Kepla), Jorge Lucero Diaz, Conrad Moriarty-Cole. Audio contributions by Antonio Lara. Video directed and edited by Carlos Lopes

Darkness is often understood as the lack of illumination or absence of light, yet it is often an afterimage, or an image that continues to appear in one’s vision after the original stimulus has taken place. While most afterimages are considered to be optical illusions, they suggest that what we see in the present differs from actual reality; they are fragments of the past brought forward into our present vision as deceptions and misrepresentations of the real.

Darkness, as a First Act of Creation proposes darkness not as a void or absence but, instead, borrowing from Denise Ferreira da Silva, a type of dark matter with generative potential. A ‘first act of creation’ in a continual process of creating one’s own reality.

The body performances, DJ set, and audiovisual soundscape in this work problematise genetic memory, and the black body as a technology, brining darkness to life in an interpretation of the god Kulan, a spirit embodied by the Selk’nam peoples of Chile, and propose darkness as a necessary condition for self-actualisation.